Long Beach Museums & History

Long Beach Museums & HistoryWith every day that passes on the sunny coast of Long Beach, visitors and locals alike appreciate all that this magnificently beautiful part of the world has to offer. But many of the natural amenities and cultural and social aspects of life here were not easily developed or acquired. The many hard-fought stories and plights of the past all go to make up Long Beach's very interesting and many-tiered history. Fortunately, all of those stories and accounts that have led us to this point in time are documented and preserved in the city's impressive museums and historical places.

Rancho Los Alamitos
The Rancho Los Alamitos in Long Beach is one of those rare places where nature and history intertwine in a truly amazing way. The area has rightfully earned its place on the National Register of Historic Sites, and that stature is evidenced by the time-tested structures that you'll find here. The most visually captivating one is the adobe ranch house that was originally built in 1800. Additionally, you will find gardens and a barnyard that also feature unique historical merit. This is the place to learn about California's assimilation of the Spanish, Mexican and Native American cultures and the roles that they continue to play in Long Beach's cultural identity even today.

Address: 6400 Bixby Hill Road, Long Beach, CA 90815 - MAP
Phone: (542) 431-3541
Web: www.rancholosalamitos.com

Aquarium of the Pacific
Whenever you're in Long Beach, it is virtually impossible to ignore the presence and beauty of the Pacific Ocean. But in addition to providing a popular recreational destination, this body of water teems with life both above and beneath its surface. Learn more about it by visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific. Take an unforgettable journey through the world's largest ocean with the help of the various interactive exhibits that you will find here. Get acquainted with the over 11,000 animals that make their home beneath the blue waters of not only the Pacific, but also the chilly waters of the North Pacific to the warmer reaches of the reefs in the Tropical Pacific.

Address: 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802 - MAP
Phone: (562) 590-3100
Web: www.aquariumofpacific.org

Museum of Latin American Art
The Latino culture is quite prevalent in all areas of California. In Long Beach, it is celebrated in a truly colorful way at the Museum of Latin American Art. This visually compelling venue was established in 1996 and stands as the only museum in the country that is dedicated to presenting the best in modern and contemporary Latin American art. Various openings, special exhibits and interesting lecture and seminar series are presented frequently, all designed to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for this very special form of expression.

Address: 628 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802 - MAP
Phone: (562) 437-1689
Web: www.molaa.org

Long Beach Museum of Art
The omnipresence of art in both our society and even our personal lives is highlighted in a very unique way at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Various exhibits from different time periods all adorn this appealing venue. There are also several rotating exhibits and special presentations scheduled throughout the year. The museum is a work of art in its own right as it is located on a picturesque bluff that overlooks Long Beach Harbor. Also, when visiting the museum, be sure to check out the historic Elizabeth Milbank Anderson House that is located nearby.

Address: 2300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803 - MAP
Phone: (562) 439-2119
Web: www.lbma.org

Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum
When you visit the Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum, you will be astounded at the various works of art and exhibits that all go to tell the story of how the various cultures in this part of the world overlap. In fact, it is the mission of this exceptional facility to incorporate the diversity of the different cultures of the Pacific islands, with a special focus on Micronesia, to offer a compelling and panoramic view of what each of these groups contributes to the region's history and way of life.

Address: 695 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802 - MAP
Phone: (562) 216-4170
Web: www.pieam.org

The AMerican Museum of Straw Art
There are so many different types of artistic expression. There is also an equally astounding number of ways in which it is created. Over the course of history, artists have used paint and canvas, pottery, stones, glass, and photography to express their various artistic visions. See how yet another medium is used when you visit the American Museum of Straw Art in Long Beach. This highly unique museum features straw that has been twisted, turned and fashioned in every conceivable way to make the vision of its creator a reality. Special exhibits, tours and a gift shop are all available at this very fascinating facility.

Address: 2324 Snowden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 - MAP
Phone: (562) 431-3540
Web: www.strawartmuseum.org