Long Beach Festivals & Shows

Long Beach Festivals & ShowsLong Beach's highly attractive geographical location makes it a great place for a party. The sunshine, the climate and the clear blue skies create the perfect backdrop against which to enjoy a celebration of any kind. And, when you glance at Long Beach's schedule of festivals and annual events, there is obviously plenty to celebrate here. From cultural events to holidays to gatherings that highlight local traditions, the mood is always right to be a part of the party that is always happening in Long Beach!

Children's Day USA
Long Beach is a city that never stops looking to the future. And the education and guidance of our children is key to ensuring that the future stays bright for all of us. To that end, the Children's Day & Earth Day celebration that is held every April is a festival that is designed to focus everyone's sights on ensuring prosperity in the years ahead. There are plenty of arts and crafts, games and fun. The emphasis is on both the educational and social development of the kids and how that will ensure a better tomorrow for all of us. Similar themes are echoed in the Earth Day part of the festivities, which features exhibits as well as interesting ways we can all help conserve our precious natural resources.

Address: Recreation Park, 4300 East 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90806 - MAP
Address: El Dorado Park, 2400 Studebaker & Willow, Long Beach, CA 90815 - MAP
Phone: (562) 424-0656
Web: childrensdayusa.org

Long Beach Lobster Festival
Since Long Beach is right by the Pacific Ocean, it stands to reason that seafood is a big part of life here. That fact is celebrated in a very delicious way at the annual Long Beach Lobster Festival, held every September. There are carnival rides, games, lots of vendors, music, and of course, plenty of lobster! There is also an international food court that presents some of the most exotic lobster dishes you have ever tasted. Bristol Farms prepares the Maine lobster dinners that are just as tantalizing.

Address: Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach, CA - MAP
Address: 539 East Bixby Road, Long Beach, CA 90807 - MAP
Phone: (562) 495-5959
Web: www.originallobsterfestival.com

Long Beach Jazz Festival
Every August, the sounds of America's music – jazz – fills the Long Beach air. Fans of this historic musical genre gather at Rainbow Lagoon Park to hear some of the top artists on the scene performing during the Long Beach Jazz Festival. This popular three day event is staged on a beautiful grassy knoll in the park that makes for an experience that is as visually stunning as it is aurally pleasing. The festival also features a great selection of food, arts and crafts, as well as the wares of various vendors.

Address: Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach, CA - MAP
Phone: (562) 424-0013
Web: www.longbeachjazzfestival.com

Long Beach Crawfish Festival
A spicy taste of New Orleans comes to the West Coast by way of the Long Beach Crawfish Festival. There's plenty of great live music, vendors and activities and of course, plenty of delicious food! This is one of Long Beach's biggest events, as it regularly draws approximately 15,000 people when it is held every July in the city's Rainbow Lagoon Park.

Address: 539 East Bixby Road, Long Beach, CA 90807 - MAP
Phone: (562) 495-5959
Web: www.longbeachcrawfishfestival.com

Spring Festival - Rancho Los Cerritos
The coming of spring is a cause for celebration in and of itself, but the party gets elevated to a much higher level thanks to the Spring Festival held in the early part of May at Rancho Los Cerritos Historic site. This event is an excellent opportunity to not only enjoy the season of spring but to also take in all that the visitor and education center at Rancho Los Cerritos has to offer. There are living history tours, theatrical presentations, storytelling and much more.

Address: 4600 Virginia Road, Long Beach, CA - MAP
Phone: (562) 570-1755
Web: www.rancholoscerritos.org